Domain Acquisitions

Buying a domain name can be mad using several options how it's important for businesses to evaluate the true use for a domain beforehand. Domains can be used for a multitude of uses including core branding, supplementary lead generation, startup businesses or speculative investment.

The challenge for new businesses or businesses late to the domain acquisition business is that the majority of premium .com domains have been acquired. Even though there are a significant number of new TLDs and gTLDs the general consumer population still associates websites with .Com or gTLD extensions such as .au .uk .ca etc.

As a consequence the options available today to acquire or use a domain are comprehensive and are listed below:

  • Outright purchase
  • Purchase using vendor financing
  • Domain rental
  • Domain rental with option to buy
  • Hand registration
  • Purchase at auction
  • Purchase an option to buy and purchase within agreed time